• DIY Bathing

    Don't want a mess in your home, we have all the supplies you need just bring your dirty pup. No appointment needed.

  • Who makes the collars?

    All of our collars are handmade by me and my grandma who taught me how to sew when I was little. My grandma helps me with the important step of pressing the fabric. Without this step, it would make sewing difficult.

    Our dog collars are all handmade. Each collar is cut, pressed, stitched, and weaved into the hardware, then finishing stitches are made so that your pup can have both a functional and fashionable collar.

  • Dog Grooming

    We offer a low-stress environment by only taking one dog at a time. We also do not use crates to dry your dog. Your pup is here only for the time they are being groomed. For more information, please call or request an appointment.